Sibö Rainforest Spa & Retreat: Wellness Tips

Our wellness hotel in Costa Rica offers these helpful wellness tips so that you can continue to look and feel your best even after your trip comes to an end.

Swollen eyes: Keeping your Cucumber Eye Cream in the refrigerator will accelerate its ability to remove puffiness.

Cellulite: Applying the Cinnamon Paprika Lotion before a good work out will give you faster results.

Masques: You can keep your routine simple and still get amazing benefits by putting a masque on five minutes before showering and letting it come off naturally as you bathe.

Razor Bumps: Using our organic sugar scrubs on the body before shaving reduces irritation, razor rash, and gives you the closest shave possible.

Water Retention: Using a dry brush on your body everyday will help rteduce bloating.